The OEC has made a commitment to the future and to society through a long process of restructuring, starting a new era, in which business actions fully meet the highest international standards of management and transparency.

We have been building our transformation journey since 2016.

The company improved methods, internal processes, established new policies and evolved its Integrity Program and modernized its management. Indispensable tasks in this new cycle that our society lives on and that demonstrate the business maturity that OEC has gone through to get here.


Sustainability Policy

This Policy aims to establish references for us to act with sustainability. It defines the basic concepts that guide us, as well as our commitments, indicators, roles and responsibilities in this area.

Operating with a focus on sustainability for us means serving society by promoting sustainable development based on ethical, integral and transparent actions. It means generating a balance of positive results for those who can affect or be affected by our activities, today and in the future.


Integrity Policy

By conviction, we are committed to acting ethically, fully and transparently and we adopt an Integrity Program inspired by the best global practices and respect for the laws.

It is a modern proposal that answers society’s most current questions, with guidance on anti-corruption practices, money laundering, conflicts of interest, relationships with suppliers and shareholders, among others. These are clear and objective rules so as not to leave doubts in the Member’s decision making.

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Code of Conduct

Our commitment to Ethical, Integral and Transparent Performance.
The OEC Code of Conduct guides the behavior and actions of all OEC members. It is a robust and broad document, with detailed rules on how the members should behave among themselves and in the relationship with Shareholders, Customers, Suppliers, Competitors, Governments, Communities and society.


Policy on Corporate Governance

The Policy is in line and refers to the Company’s Bylaws, the Rules of Procedure of the Board of Directors and Committees, the OEC Policy on Compliance with Ethical, Integral and Transparent Performance.